Here at BowWowMiaow we strive to care for your pets as if they were our own. After much research we decided to feed our pets a totally raw diet. The thought of feeding your dog or cat raw food is often met with the worry that it will be complicated and difficult to provide them with everything they need, as well as the faff of dealing with raw offal, bones and mince! Nutriment takes this stress away. Nutriment is a 5 star raw pet food that is totally complete – all you need to do is weigh out the right amount for your dog or cat, find out their favourite flavours and you are away!

We can’t speak highly enough of Nutriment. We have seen visible improvements in our pets coats, health, allergies and poops since feeding raw and haven’t looked back!

We stock a variety of Dog and Cat Nutriment at Day Care so why not give us a call or pop down for a chat about your individual pet’s needs.