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Group Walks

Our group walks give your dog the chance to socialise, learn and expel excess energy during the day.

You may be at work, unwell or just want your dog to join in the fun!

All group walks are an hour long and your dog will be picked up in one of our specially kitted out vehicles and taken to one of the many fun and stimulating areas of our beautiful countryside, with up to another 5 like-minded pooches.

We use a whistle on all our walks and can help with recall training if required, as well as other useful everyday doggy tricks such as sitting and waiting for treats, at gates and before exiting a vehicle, and of course (and possibly the most important) sitting and posing for group photos!

Check out our gallery and our facebook page to see what we get up to.

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One to One walks

We can provide one to one walks for those dogs that may not be suitable for a group walk – maybe they are a little too shy and need their confidence building, perhaps your dog is of the age where he would prefer to potter around the park at his leisure rather than run about with the big kids, or maybe you have a dog that struggles to socialise with others?

If a one to one walk would suit your dog please get in touch to discuss availability with one of our team.

Dog Walking FAQ's

Yes. We always arrange a free consultation in your home with your dog walker where they can meet you and your dog. At your consultation we will discuss everything from emergency contacts to your dogs likes and dislikes, their recall and training and social skills!

Yes, we are DBS checked for your peace of mind and also fully insured so can assure you your pet, home and key will be in safe hands with us.

All dogs walking with BowWowMiaow need to be fully vaccinated before they join us for any of our social activities. However, being conscious of their growing joints we wouldn’t want to take them on a full hours walk too soon. We may have availability for a puppy sitting/puppy walking service. This is something to discuss with your dog walker.

We don’t accept new male dogs over the age of 12-18 months (age depending on breed size) who haven’t been neutered unfortunately. If you have a full male dog under this age who would like to join the pack then this is fine, and we would then discuss neutering with you on a one to one basis. We always take into account the balance of our groups and could not have a full male dog on our walks who was disrupting that balance (e.g. humping and running off after nearby ladies) However we are happy to wait as long as possible for your dog to mature before asking for them to be neutered. Female dogs cannot attend while in season (up to 4 weeks).

At your consultation we will discuss your dogs recall training to see where you are up to.

Generally it is preferred on group walks if all the dogs can be off the lead at some point as this really helps to tire them out. If your dog struggles with recall we can discuss ways in which we can help and see if over time we can build this up. Often the power of the pack plus tasty sausages, can really help speed up a reliable recall.