Doggy Day Care

Judith and Chloe opened the first Doggy Day Care in the Rossendale Valley in January 2015. Our aim is to provide your dog with a safe, secure environment where they can make new friends, play and relax, and go home ready for a sleep!

Our Day Care covers over 4000sq ft and is specially kitted out to ensure your dog not only has a fun day but can do so in a safe comfortable environment.

We have a large outdoor area which has recently undergone extensive renovations (photos coming soon!)

Our indoor flooring is specially chosen from our neighbours TVS( who specialise in rubber flooring for sports surfaces, making our floor comfy and warm for your dogs to lie on, non-slip and good for their joints while playing.

We have the option of splitting our daycare into 5 separate areas making it easy to create suitable friendship groups, introduce new dogs to our packs and look after puppies!

As well as having more sofas than a DFS store, we also have a ‘human area’ with comfy beds and crates should your dog need some quiet time.

Our staff are ace! We always have 5 Doggy Day Carers on duty during our busiest times of the day. This allows us to monitor and keep your dogs occupied in the centre, but also means we can take groups out on our power walks in the local area. The dogs love these walks, it helps them bond with their packmates, walk nicely on the lead, provides a structure to their day and most importantly helps to tire them out!

If you haven’t spotted our Doggy Bus yet the when you do make sure to give Aunty Debra, the doggy school bus driver, a wave! Its big, its red and it specially kitted out with sturdy cages to ensure your dog a safe journey to school. Our bus service covers most of the Rossendale Valley.

We open at 7.30am and close at 6pm.



Full day (any 9 ½ hours) – £21

Half day options –

Morning – Up to 5 hours between 7.30am and 1pm – £14

Afternoon – Up to 5 hours between 12pm and 6pm – £14

Midday – up to 5 hours between 9.30 and 4pm – £17

We offer discount for block bookings paid for in advance.

Get in touch with Judith and Chloe to find out more! 07763262767

Important info for all new customers.

All new dogs will need to come and visit us for a free two hour trial. The trial enables us to find out all we need to know about your dog before they join us. Not all dogs are suitable for doggy day care for various reasons and we will always have their best interests at heart, so please don’t be offended if they aren’t able to join us after their trial.

If you need your dog to come for a full day a full day we do ask that they join us for at least two half days so we can settle them in to our routine.

All dogs must be able to provide proof of their vaccinations or immunisation (titer test), including kennel cough.

We will not be able to accept uncastrated male dogs over the age of 12 months. We will always try and work with owners to leave their dogs as long as possible so they can mature before they are castrated. However if your dog starts creating any problems related to being a full male we may as that they take a break from daycare until they can be neutered.

All females in season will need to take a break from day care – this can be up to 4 weeks.

We cannot accept any new dogs who are extremely nervous or aggressive. Day Care can be an excellent tool for socialising dogs, however for extreme behaviours we always suggest meeting with a good dog trainer/behaviourist before taking big steps in trying to socialise your dog.



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